Seek Jesus Armor of God Paintball Learn about Jesus Christ   EQUIP AND TRAIN YOURSELF
"Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old
he will not turn from it. "
- Proverbs 22:6

Read, Listen, and Worship
These are the three things that will
equip you to stay the course.

Read the Bible
Get into the Bible it’s the Word of
God! What more important book
could you read? The Bible is the
best guide for your life. Find
yourself a Study Bible or a Daily
Devotional Bible.

The Study Bible has all kinds of side details like maps and back history of what was going on at that time. Plus it has all kinds of cross references so when you read something you do not understand you can go right to another verse that pertains to the same point but may be worded in a way that is more clear to you.

The Daily Devotional Bible has devotionals for you to read each day. A devotional consists of a passage from the Bible with a few supporting verses. Then it ties the passage into your everyday life with maybe a story or an explanation of how that passage applies to life in the year 2006. A devotion usually ends with a small prayer tying in the points of the devotional. A devotional Bible is perfect if you aren’t the type of person that would just pick up the Bible and read it. It helps you focus on Biblical principle.

Listen to Christian Music

There is so much awesome Christian music being produced these days. You can find a Christian music artist for all style of music. Christian music is not just “Gospel” music anymore. Rock, R&B, Heavy Metal, Country they make it all.

One of the best ways you can equip yourself to serve the Lord is to buy a Christian music CD and listen to it in your car, home, mp3 player, or at work. If you go to your local Christian book store you will find all kinds of artists. If it’s a store like Family Christian Store they have open CD’s and personal CD players for you to sample the music before you buy. If you don’t have a Family Christian Store locally check them out online by clicking the link. Also its a great store to find a Bible.

Another great way to listen to Christian music is the radio. Most towns have more than one Christian radio station. A great one is Air1. On their website you can find out if they have a channel in your area. If not you can still listen to them online for free. Spin the dial on your car radio to seek out your local Christian radio stations and give them a listen. You may find you never go back to your old stations after you start listening to music with a true message of Gods love. Click the link to check out Air1 and give it a listen.

  Worship the Lord
Go to Church. Make it the highest priority of
your week. It’s important that you truly get into
the Worship service. So many times people
attend Church out of an obligation and just kind
of punch in and punch out, kind of like paying
their dues. That’s not the point of Church. The
point is to make a deep worshiping connection.
Focus on the prayers, really listen to the
sermon, connect with the songs you are singing.

Christians have so many opportunities to
worship. Churches offer services at other
times than Sunday morning. They offer them
Saturday evening, Sunday evening, even weekday evenings. Not only do they offer services at a variety of times but in a variety of styles. You can find real traditional services, real modern services, and all kinds in between those styles. Find a Church that worships in a way that you best connect with. God is an awesome God and deserves to be worshiped. Join your fellow Christians in worshiping God on a weekly basis.