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"For God so loved the world that he gave his only begoton Son."
        - John 3:16
  Jesus is Real
History and the Bible tell us that He was a man who lived just over 2000 years ago. He died when He was 33 years old. But he is much more than a man who lived and died on earth. He is the Son of God.

Jesus is the Son of God
Old Testament prophets spoke of His coming and described the eternal and life-changing impact He would have.

Jesus is Both God and Man
When Jesus walked this earth he calmed the seas and walked on water. With a touch of His hand, He cured incurable diseases. He restored life to those who had physically died.

Jesus is the Key

There is a constant battle going on around us, the battle for people’s souls. We constantly sin and live outside the boundaries that God set for us in the Bible. On our own we cannot defeat our sinful nature. God knew that so He sent His Son to pay for our sins, so that we may have eternal life in Heaven.

Jesus Paid the Price for Our Sins
In spite of all our hurtful thoughts, harmful words, and wrongful actions Jesus loves us. Sin contaminates everything we do. It is behind every broken home, every empty life, every damaged emotion, every sorrow and grief. And as the Bible says, the end result of sin is death. But Jesus Himself was sinless; only He could pay the penalty for our sins. Jesus took your sins on his back and was beaten, wipped, nailed to a cross, died, and was raised from the dead to pay for your sins. He paid the ultimate price so that we could live with Him forever.

We are Forgiven
All who believe in Jesus are guaranteed eternal life with Him in heaven.
Why did Jesus die for our sins? Because when you die you go to one of two places, Heaven or Hell. Jesus does not want you to end up in the clutches of the most evil creature that ever existed. He wants you to be in the loving presence of God in Heaven.