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"Instruct a wise man and he will be wiser still; teach a righteous man and he will add to his learning."
                    - Proverbs 9:9

Keep learning about God and the importance of Jesus.
Use the links provided below to continue to grow in Christ.

Need Help Finding Christ
Need Him helps people find Christ. It’s broken down into age groups and gender. Best of all you can call their number and talk to a person if your contemplating Jesus or just need to talk.
Christian Resources
Bible Gateway is an online bible resource. You can do keyword searches to find verses. They have many versions of the Bible so you can compare how a verse reads in the different versions.
Christian Music
  Air 1 is a great Christian radio station and if they do not broadcast in your area you can listen to it online.
Family Life Radio is also a real good Christian radio station. They play softer Christian music than Air 1. In addition to music they broadcast really great programming like a parent help call in hour, half-hour sermons, and some Christian talk radio.
Pod Bible is the site for you ipod users. You can download the Bible onto your ipod and listen to the Bible on the bus, on a walk, anywhere.
Christian Stores
Family Christian Store has all kinds of Christian products. You may have a store in your town but if not you can shop online. You can buy music, books, clothing, toys, and much more.
    Kerusso is a clothing company that makes really clever t-shirts. They also work with youth groups and schools to sell their stuff as fundraisers.
Miscellaneous Christian Lnks
Battle Cry is a movement to save hearts and minds of our youths from the many sinful elements of the American media.
Jesus Freaks is a set of books that tell the story of those people who lived and died for Jesus. The stories are 2-4 pages long and are very powerful. Everyone should own a Jesus Freak book.
  Adventure Ministries run mission trips in the United States and abroad. Check them out. Its good to see that Christians still set out on missions to bring people to Christ.