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"Come, let us bow down in worship, let us kneel before
the Lord our Maker"
- Psalm 95:6

Take 15 minutes out of your day to run this 5-5-5 Drill and you will become amazingly connected to the Lord. 15 minutes is not much but if you find a quiet place and go through this drill you will be giving God 15 very focused minutes of your day.

Getting Ready to Run the 5-5-5 Drill
Go to some place were you know you will not be disturbed or distracted for 15 minutes. Get a timer, set it for five minutes. This is important so that you do not keep looking at the clock. That can really take away from connecting to the Lord. Start the timer before you start each section and just keep going until you hear the timer go off. Now your ready to run the 5-5-5- Drill.


Start by reading your Bible for five minutes. You choose what to read and if you don’t know were to start just open it up randomly and start reading. That’s the great thing about the Bible you can jump into it at any point and get totally drawn in.


After reading the Bible for five minutes spend
five minutes in prayer. Maybe pray about what
you learned in your reading or pray for someone
you know who needs God in their life. When
praying it’s easy to fall into the rut of asking for
things for yourself. That is fine and we need to
take our needs and difficulties to the Lord for
his help. Just try not to let that absorb all the
time. Try to mix it up a bit. Five minutes may
seem like a long time to pray at first but you
will be surprised how quickly it will go by.

Now comes the hard part. Listening to God is rarely ever practiced by Christians. So it may not come naturally but it’s an important step in the 5-5-5 Drill. We need to stop and listen to what God wants to tell us. You won’t hear the deep voice from a cloud in your room. It’s not like speaking its more like moving in your soul. So often we ask God for something then never stop and give Him a chance to answer us. You need to stop and give God a chance to move you in the direction He wants you to take.

In the beginning these five minutes will be long and hard to keep your focus. The devil will begin an all out attack on you during this time. He does not want you to hear what God wants for you. Try to keep your mind open and focused on listening to God. Random thoughts will enter your mind and then all of the sudden you will be thinking about something at work or home. This is not always bad. If you just kept your mind blank you would end the five minutes with nothing. When your mind starts to go off on a thought ask yourself is this just a random distraction or is this something God would be exploring with me. Like I said at the start of the listening section this part is hard and everyone must find their way with it. Just don’t give up on this part, it has potential to be the most powerful part of the 5-5-5 Drill.